February 6, 2016

Build Your Brand From Your Mom Experience

Editor’s Note: Since May is the month of moms, we decided to feature a post especially for mom freelancers. In June, the month of dads, we’ll give papas equal time with a feature of their own.

Perhaps you are a new mom. You used to work for someone else and now you think you might want to stay at home. Or maybe you just want a career change, or have already spent years raising your kids and plan to start your own small business.

Do you have freelance options if you weren’t born a writer, blogger, graphic designer, web programmer, cook? What if your career could actually revolve around what you actually do; day by day, minute after minute, well, all around the clock? Each day you use your mental and physical energy to perform the most challenging, demanding job ever – mom. Why not use that in your business, for your business, as your business?

Turn Your Experience as a Mom Into a Business

Although, I’m a proud mom, I’m not the perfect example for this. In fact, I’m not an example at all. But I have encountered two cases of famous ladies that provide an outstanding model of entrepreneurship and inspiration. Perhaps you’ll say: Somebody is already doing that. What could I have that’s new and innovative?

Not so fast.

Each of us brings unique skills, talents, and energy to the table and so do our children.

freelancer mom businessMaybe your kid loves chocolate so much that you figure out a way to make money from his adoration of the divine substance. A mom could create a business out of her child’s choco-obsession. You could launch COOLCIOCCOMAMA where earn money from making a wide variety of cookies, sweets, desserts, dips, and more with – you guessed it – chocolate.

Yeah, I can just imagine the great looking chocolate cakes on your coolciococomama.com site and some cheerful yellow mugs adorned with a baby face dipped in chocolate. In my crystal ball, I even see you writing an e-book called “How to give chocolate to your baby without worrying about obesity”.

Check Out These Boss Moms Who Aren’t Just Rocking a Cradle

Scary Mommy NationFirst, we have SCARY MOMMY. She is not a perfect mom (who is anyway?), but she has built an empire on imperfections, mommy tips, and confessions. On her site, she offers various parenting tips with an edge, selling products bearing her logo and recently a new book.

the simple mom podcastSIMPLE MOM is not as simple as she appears at first glance. She is flexible, extremely versatile and offers lots of tips on a powerful website enriched with podcasts. If you don’t feel like reading, click a button and listen!

She has recently collaborated with the author of the site SIMPLE MARRIAGE and is delivering great content about both parenting and marriage. She also published a book with a witty title “One Bite at a Time”. Need I say more, freelance writers?

Don’t get intimidated by what successful moms have achieved – they started somewhere: raising a baby, just like you.

I recently commented on Samantha’s latest post on how to build your personal brand and it struck me that I unknowingly highlighted the importance of embracing you unique self, in this post, and not emulating others’ brands and style. Being who you are and evolving your personality sounds easy, but the more I delve into my quirky thoughts about my own business, the more I realize how complex it actually is to just be YOU.

Each person has a unique way of self-discovery.

We get stuck, entangled and confused because we become too wrapped up in trying to learn from others. I am not saying we shouldn’t (learn from others). It’s imperative that we do. However, we must avoid the clutter and the confusion of too much information. Learn to filter and practice patience.

The right business idea – tailored just for you – will pop up.        

Disclaimer: Coolcioccomamma.com does not exist as far as I know. The logo is just something I came up with. Any similarities with other brands are purely coincidental. The e-book idea is something I wrote on a whim and I did not even bother to verify if such thing exists. It was just a way of getting my message forward. If you are into chocolate however, do not hesitate to contact me. You can pay me for the idea with lots of chocolate bars for like the next 50 years.

The other mom-preneur businesses I featured are very real and thriving.

Question: What is it that you are doing that could evolve into a small business or a product, even on a small scale? Talk to us.

About Magda Papas

Magda Papas worked in the finance industry for 12 years in London and Milan before making a foray into the world of freelance translating. This multi-lingual creative powerhouse can work with the English, Italian, and Greek languages. In addition to translating, she revels in writing. Her core interests include mosaic art, work life balance tips, culture and accessories. She authors Mosaicology blog where you can learn more about the craft of creating mosaic masterpieces and how mosaic art can relate to fashion, travel, history, interiors. Connect with her on Twitter or contact her via email.


  1. This is useful information, and I’d reread it before starting a business. But I’d like to add that it’s important for moms or anyone who wants to start a business to think about their product or service along with their target market ‘before’ launching a business/website.

    It’s important to know who the ‘target’ market is. I’ve worked with business owners who don’t know who the target market is. If you don’t know ‘who’ your market is, how will you be able to offer them solutions to their problems?

    I also think it’s a good idea for moms or anyone who wants to start a business to build their platform one step at a time. Instead of putting up a website straightaway, put up a “Launching Soon Page” and build your email list. Create an eBook, report, white paper, etc. and give it away as a gift when people sign up for your emails.

    Thinking strategically about a business is important as thinking creatively about it.

    Finally, my sister works part-time in a daycare and wants to write a book (with my help) either on parenting or about her daycare experiences. I asked her to think about her target market and to think about what ‘type’ of book she wants to write. I’m also encouraging her to familiarize herself with social media. Like it or not, social media is a great way to market products and services. I know some people are still leery of using social media. But it’s a useful tool when used properly.
    Amandah recently posted..Comment on How to Write Your Writer’s Personal Statement in 3 Easy Steps by Amandah BlackwellMy Profile

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback Amandah! This is more than I could expect. I totally agree that if you are serious you must plan and spend time analysing and defining your “audience”. If you are only starting out without anything specific in mind, a good option (besides what you are suggesting) is to blog or just be on social media which will enable you to put your ideas into context.
    If I had known of twitter prior to starting my blog or at the early stages, my blogging would have evolved differently which brings me to your sister who should listen to your advice!

  3. Ooops! I meant to say, “I’m brainstorming too.” I forgot to delete the word ‘as.’
    Amandah recently posted..Comment on How to Write Your Writer’s Personal Statement in 3 Easy Steps by Amandah BlackwellMy Profile

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips! I’m a work from home mom and just recently decided to start a blog based on my life working from home, raising teens, and all the crazy stuff in between. These suggestions are priceless and I so want to be like these mammas when I grow up. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hi Corina! Yes, Magda did a great job with these tips for work from home moms. I’m so glad you found value in them. Magda is about as creative as they get and she’s so inspirational. I’m sure you’ll be just like those mamas when you “grow up”. Don’t we all want that? ;-)

      ~Samantha XO

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