February 7, 2016

Build Brand Awareness and Strong Market Loyalty with Mobile Campaigns

Small businesses can leverage the mobile device craze to promote their wares.

Businesses can leverage the Smartphone craze and other popular mobile device technology to announce sales and promotional discounts to customers in their area. Consumers receive messages digitally on their mobile devices, making the cost of delivery minimal. To call potential customers to action, messages must give some sort of value to the customer, such as offering a solution to a problem, or teaching him or her how to do something new and relevant to the individual’s business and lifestyle.

Offer attractive sales incentives and focus outward on the customer, rather than inward on the epic greatness of your product or service. This creates a low-pressure situation while the customer reviews the incentives. He feels you crafted the message particularly with him and his needs in mind – a good feeling no matter who ya are.

Mobile Subscriptions 

Businesses use social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook more than ever to promote their goods and services. Fans and friends on these platforms can subscribe to mobile updates and receive them directly on their mobile devices.

Encourage fans and friends on your business page and social networking sites to subscribe to mobile updates so that they can stay in-the-loop. Create an urgency by implying that the special incentives have a short time-limitation because only mobile subscribers receive these deeper discounts; you can only afford to make them available for very short bursts of times. With certain types of updates, once they arrive on the customers’ devices, they can reply to them for instant two-way communication. Perhaps your campaign strategy includes a contest wherein the first to reply to the update achieves eligibility for a special additional instant discount, or coupon via email, for in-store or online redemption.

Text and Twitter Contests 

Text and Twitter contests or sweepstakes build customer excitement and work great as word of mouth publicity. Promote the upcoming contest across all other digital media platforms prior to launch to build awareness. Once the contest begins, participants enter by sending a text message via cell phone to an sms short code that you provide. Tweeters will RT the message using a special hashtag (i.e. #winanipad). This makes for fast, instantaneous contest entry and confirmations follow immediately. The contest engages customers and adds value through the resulting prize, which can range from free product to a hefty discount for the winner. Businesses can then offer a smaller ‘consolation’ discount to all participants, building loyalty and enlarging the customer base. Include instructions to redeem prize vouchers and discounts in person, or on a certain page of your website, so the winners must visit your storefront or site to take possession of their sparkly new item.

Mobile Clubs 

Mobile clubs utilize opt-in campaigns in which current customers opt-in to receive periodic text message alerts on their cell phones or other shiny tehno-devices about new products, promotions, sales, or coupons for in-store redemption. Some businesses allow participants to customize their subscriptions to include only the products they care about in their alerts. Alerts could include downloadable coupons for later redemption or for use by a certain date. You can place the sms short code for opting-in to the club in print media, on billboards and on social networking profiles.

Things to Remember 

Businesses should use these mobile campaigns, such as this Buy a Book, Save a Life fundraiser, in conjunction with other digital media and possibly even traditional methods, if their product line calls for it. Using mobile device campaigns in isolation will lop off your marketing reach, since not all potential clients will want to receive these alerts and might not even own a suitable mobile device.

Send alerts and updates to carefully targeted customers. This type of promotional platform builds brand awareness and keeps communication fresh with customers. Don’t use it as a mass marketing tool. You may just promote a mass customer exodus in doing so. Think respect. Think minimal intrusion, maximum impact.

Try to send messages created especially for the target customer segment using an action-oriented theme and giving them real-time information on events and sales. Most important of all, include an easy way for customers to opt-out if they wish. This one thing – an easy way to opt-out — will build a strong public perception that you care about customer privacy and needs.

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