February 11, 2016

About Amy Shoultz, Phd

Amy, a.k.a. The Prof, joined the Dream Team in August 2011. With a Ph.D. in American Studies and years as a writing coach to university students and fledgling writers, she adds an amazing amount of knowledge and energy to the team. As a co-editor of FWD and our medical site, Medtopicwriter, she handles all queries regarding guest submissions, website issues -- just about anything. She ROCKS!

Be The Wasabi: Write Words That Add Real Value

SEO writing to add real value and wasabi

Warning! Achtung! Stop! This post may offend those who like to conform and follow rules. Once upon a time, in a realm far far away…one of my — how shall I say this – hands-on clients came up with a fantastic proposition, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the two of us attended an SEO workshop? Together!” […]

Become a Know It All: Write What You Know and Know All About It

Every writer suffers with writer's block at some point, even Hemingway.

So, you think you want to write…then, why are you so tongue-tied?  Don’t let a momentary lack of inspiration discourage you.  If you do, you may as well hang up your writer’s hat now and move on to your next non-starter.  Call it writer’s block, brain fog, or something more poetic like awaiting a visit […]