February 11, 2016

About Sonja Jobson

Sonja Jobson is a freelance writer based in Grand Rapids, MI. She writes for both print & online publications, as well as small businesses. Read more of her work and learn more about her on the web at www.SonjaJobson.com

5 Ways to Liven Up Your Writing This Year

Has your prose become a snooze fest?

Have your prose gotten a little stale? It happens to the best of us.  The New Year presents the perfect opportunity for a writing tune-up.  By implementing some inspiring new activities into your routine, your writing can go from dull to delightful in no time. Read Widely We all know that, as writers, we need […]

3 Benefits to Starting a Freelance Writing Career on the Side

Strike the delicate balance between day job, relaxing, and building your writing business.

Pursuing your freelance writing dreams, like any other worthwhile endeavor, comes with plenty of hard work, surprises, and lessons to learn.  Even prior experience in the writing world can’t fully prepare you for running your own show. And while loads of valuable insight, information, and education awaits anyone with a library card and internet connection, […]

How to Banish Time Wasters and Get More Writing Done

Television represents one of the biggest time wasters ever.

Everyone would love to tack on extra hours to each day.  Who couldn’t use a little more time to get assignments done, run errands, or check items off that mile-long To-Do list? No magical formula exists to make your days longer, but strategies that can help you use your time better are abundant.  One of […]

In Defense of the Email Interview

Offer to do an email interview and snag George Clooney.

Why professional journalists and hobby bloggers, alike, should reconsider the value of the email interview E-mail interviewing has a bad rap in the freelance writing industry. Many would-be cyber interview sessions get derailed because participants can’t shake the notion that others see the method as amateurish and unreliable, producing inconclusive results. Interviewing sources via e-mail […]