February 12, 2016

About Michael Taulier

Michael is a freelance writer and professional resume editor. He enjoys writing for clients on a wide variety of topics, but specializes in writing for the health care industry. With a classic education and training as an historian, he's got what it takes to add an intangible "certain something" to his work that gives a powerful layer of meaning and effectiveness to the final story. Read more about Michael at The Refined Writer .

Get Up On Your Feet: Consequences of Sitting and Benefits of a Standing Desk

Hemingway at standing desk

As freelance writers, we spend most of our days sitting in a chair, chained to our desk, eyes glued to a computer screen, churning out words and sentences.  For most of us, passion compelled us to start a writing career; we love expressing our thoughts and feelings through the written word. But what if giving […]

Timeless Tips for Freelancing Dads

freelance writing dads

Ahhh…the joys of fatherhood.  Do you remember the day your children were born?  Do you recall feelings of excitement, happiness and anxiety all rolled into one?  I certainly do.  I was a bundle of emotions the moment I first held my bundle of joy. My son Zachary was born last year just one month after […]

Writing a White Paper: 5 Techniques to Reach Your Target Audience

white papers

Have you ever read a document that was informative like a magazine article, but convincing like an advertisement?  Chances are you read a white paper.  Many people aren’t familiar with the term white paper but a white paper represents an important marketing tool for all types of businesses. A white paper informs the reader of […]

7 Ways to “Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling” to Your Writing

love freelance writing

Are you a freelance writer?  Do you feel burnt out at times?  Have you lost that lovin’ feeling when it comes to your writing? As a professional freelance writer your job requires that you write even when you don’t feel like it.  You’ve got bills to pay, deadlines to meet and clients to please.  You […]

5 Tips to Maximize Willpower to Achieve Personal Goals

Maximizing willpower creates self-sustaining momentum.

Have you made any personal New Year resolutions for 2012?  Now, as the end of January approaches, are you sticking to them and on your way to achieving success? A new year offers a new beginning – a fresh start – and a great time to set personal goals.  Achieving personal goals builds personal confidence […]