February 6, 2016

About Murray Newlands

Please welcome guest contributor, Murray Newlands. Murray is the CEO and Founder of Influence People, a San Francisco-based online marketing and blogger outreach consulting firm. Jim Kukral and Murray Newlands recently wrote What is Personal Branding? How to Create a Memorable & Powerful Brand that Sells YOU! to help people learn how to market themselves.

How to Listen to Silent Audiences


Did you know that a lot of your readers never comment on your articles? But they keep coming back to your site to read your content. These “silent readers” still click ads, they still buy from your affiliate campaigns, and they still care about what you think. Despite a lack of engagement, you’re still a […]

Monetize Your Blog Using a Sales Funnel

Monetize your blog successfully, using the sales funnel model.

If you’re considering monetizing your blog, use a proven strategy, such as the sales funnel. Monetize your blog and related content effectively by turning your content into a sales funnel. The sales funnel represents a key concept to keep in mind when monetizing your online content. The content sales funnel focuses entirely on your target […]

Freelance Writers: Succeed in the Freelance World by Creating a Memorable Personal Brand

Don't just stand out -- be memorable.

I’ve been an online marketing expert for over a decade, and one of the main forms of online marketing that I’ve practiced involves blogger outreach. Usually, I write articles as part of marketing campaigns. I am a good writer, yet I’ve been successful not because of my writing ability, but because of my business sense […]