February 6, 2016

About Magda Papas

Magda Papas worked in the finance industry for 12 years in London and Milan before making a foray into the world of freelance translating. This multi-lingual creative powerhouse can work with the English, Italian, and Greek languages. In addition to translating, she revels in writing. Her core interests include mosaic art, work life balance tips, culture and accessories. She authors Mosaicology blog where you can learn more about the craft of creating mosaic masterpieces and how mosaic art can relate to fashion, travel, history, interiors. Connect with her on Twitter or contact her via email.

Why Freelancers Need the Sun – Both Literally and Figuratively

Freelancers need sun

Freelancers need the sun. They need it for the normal reasons – vitamin D and its other health benefits. But freelancers need the sun for reasons other folks don’t. Freelancers: Have you tried using mobile Internet under the bright sun? Have you been off skype for more than 3 days? Have you ever tried to […]

Blog Your Best to Avoid the Mess – A Technique

blogging blog dot hubspot dot com

Are you ready to start blogging and have your freelance writing read around the globe? Do you have tons of ideas that would fit into your blog, but don’t know which to choose? Or maybe you want to focus on a particular niche? Have you been blogging for a while, but feel the need to […]

Build Your Brand From Your Mom Experience

the simple mom podcast

Editor’s Note: Since May is the month of moms, we decided to feature a post especially for mom freelancers. In June, the month of dads, we’ll give papas equal time with a feature of their own. Perhaps you are a new mom. You used to work for someone else and now you think you might […]

Are Your Dreams Doomed?

Jeffster - tv series Chuck

Some people always hide behind others – I’m not talking about your typical nose-to-the-grindstone followers. You know who I’m talking about  – the ones who keep their dreams and talents cloaked in self-imposed isolation. You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Act Like It Aspiring author, free spirit, creative type, artist  – these terms describe […]

On This Episode of Freelance Fear Factor — Freelance Writing from Home

juggling freelance mom

Working from home as a freelance writer and translator, while raising a 2-year-old, presents far more than just a challenge for me as a freelancer mom. It provides a real-life psychological and emotional test of my abilities to balance work and life. When you make certain life choices, you also make implied promises to yourself […]

Freelance Writing Inspired by Mosaic Art: Hermes Scarves

Nothing too extravagant, but timeless.

Editor’s Note: Looking for balance in your freelance writing methods, style, or business? Our latest guest contributor talks balance – from her perspective as both a mosaic tile artisan and freelance translator. Writers sometimes forget that performing their craft well requires artistic talent and creativity, even if the writing topic seems far removed from the […]