February 13, 2016

Dream Troopers

Star Support Team on the Up-swing

These amazing Dream Team Troopers actually made the cut under the notoriously fickle scrutiny of The Prof. Tip: The sight of unnecessary passive voice makes The Prof lose her sparkle. No sparkle means more snark and try-out rejections. You know how pediatricians don’t give the shots to kids? I don’t personally reject the hopefuls that don’t make the cut. The Prof is the official bouncer for FWD and Medtopicwriter — this gorgeous and sleek sparkle-diva becomes queen of reject slips, and other shake-inducing monikers.

How the Team Works Its Magic -

The Client or News Editor sprinkles the glitter.

The FWD Dream Team Editorial and Creative Staff swoop in and make that glitter sparkle.

Dream Team Troopers? Well they provide the energy saving power that keeps the spot light shining for twinkle’s sake.

Freelance Writing Dreams

The Refined Writer — adding sparkle to the day through words

Michael Taulier

Associate Writer for All Media Freelance, LLC

Michael Taulier is a freelance writer who desires nothing more than to put words to physical or virtual paper.  Academically trained, Michael revels in the freelance lifestyle as it allows him to put his finely-tuned writing skills to work on the myriad writing projects assigned to him.  No writing project proves too great a challenge for Michael.  He prides himself on giving clients what they need, when they need it. Just like the All Media Freelance, LLC tagline: Always on Target. Always on Time.®

What does this obsessively dedicated Dream Trooper write about?  Anything that might push the boundaries of his writing skills and make his clients’ projects sparkle.  He specializes in health care writing, but also immerses himself in the fine art of résumé editing. Samantha utilizes his willingness to move out of his comfort zone by assigning him projects on a broad variety of topics — some quite compelling and others, well, not so much. Either way, he does a sparkling job that matches the style and voice necessary to hit the target in the bullseye.

What does Michael enjoy doing besides writing?  Spending time with his wife and two children, playing music, reading history and, of course, sharpening his writing skills.  Connect with Michael on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter and get to know more about him at his website Refined Writer.