February 12, 2016

Meet the Dream Team

Got dreams? Freelance writing dreams?

The Dream Team can help you achieve them. Send us your dreams, your business questions, fears about taking the freelance plunge, anything – we’ll answer your queries directly and might even write a post about a few of them, giving you credit for planting the seed, of course.

Samantha Gluck

Livin’ the dream and you can too!

Owner and Executive Dream Weaver, All Media Freelance, LLC

Editor in Chief, Freelance Writing Dreams and Medtopicwriter

I’m a full-time health care journalist and card-carrying member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. About 50 percent of my work for health care clients takes the form of ghost writing, which means I can’t talk specifically about clients who fall under that umbrella. Balanced Living Magazine and HealthyPlace.com represent two of my numerous clients in the health and wellness niche. For more information about my professional journey, please visit my LinkedIn profile. This just in: Samantha Gluck (The Boss) featured in Ann Tran’s blog – What’s Your Recipe for a Great Blog Post.

Sparkle Factoid: I have a freakish knack to remember almost everything I ever formally learned, or studied on my own volition, that relates to life sciences.

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~How do you expect me to sparkle, if you don’t give me any glitter?

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