February 7, 2016

About FWD

Kickin' it Texas style in the All Media Freelance, LLC, office.

Freelance Freedom Rocks

I launched the Freelance Writing Dreams website to share my excitement and knowledge about the freelance life and the incredible benefits and blessings that come with it. Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, web designer, or anything in between, nothing beats the satisfaction of working in a field you love, using personal skills and knowledge, and getting paid for it. Don’t let fear and doubt stop you from taking the jump to freelance freedom.

The site features my own contributions as well as contributions from the countless others who know far more than me, many of whom I looked to for advice, criticism, and support as I began my journey as a freelance copywriter. The content here will provide value for newbie and veteran freelancers alike. Poke around and communicate with the other contributors and me about what you’d like to see in the way of topics, resources, and anything else. If you think something we’ve posted or done with the site is awesome, by all means, tell us.

I’m a Big Girl Now

I established All Media Freelance, LLC in May 2011 on the advice of my CPA. He told me that my client base was growing too rapidly to continue without taking the next step. Every new entrepreneur loves to hear that business is growing so rapidly that things might get hairy at tax time unless the business is formally registered and documented.

I received calls, tweets, or emails from new clients several times a week, but felt comfortable without establishing things formally. What I didn’t realize was that bigger clients want to work with people from a bona fide business. I learned this very quickly when a potential client from a large company inquired about my Employer Identification Number and asked a slew of other questions about my business. After that, I realized that if I wanted to achieve big girl success, I had to establish an honest to goodness business. I did it and I’m a big girl now!

Big Girl Success

People usually equate success with financial comfort. While an adequate or comfortable income certainly provides financial security, true success has little to do with money.

Don’t get me wrong – I want money, I need money, and I charge money for my high-quality, expert services.

But I also want real, lasting success. Satisfying success that lasts comes from using personal skills, talents, and connections to help others get where they want to be. Of course, while helping others, you must continue to feed, nurture, and grow your own business; as your authority and status grows, so do your resources and personal arsenal of tools for helping others achieve their potential.

Writing to Live, Living to Write

Since I write for a living, I have established working hours, breaks, and holidays laid out in my business plan. I actively seek new clients and repeat orders from my regulars. Running a business, regardless of the product or service, requires the owner devote time to mundane tasks in addition to specifically and productively producing the revenue generating offerings. I write to live.

Writing is my calling. I wrote as a child, as a teen, and a young adult. While I won essay competitions and honors for research and technical writing in high school and college, I never earned any money doing it. Once I began earning money writing part-time on a regular basis, I knew that I needed to find a way to forge a full-time career from writing. The gratitude I received from clients, who hired me to write an article, ad copy, blog post, or Web content, served to greatly deepen my dedication to writing. Were I financially able, I would continue to write, but at no charge, and still deliver the same attention to detail I do as a writer-for-hire. I live to write.