February 10, 2016

A Post Per Day Does Not Mean More Traffic Your Way

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Publishing daily to increase site traffic?

Do you really believe posting every day will bring more traffic to your website or blog? Think again. If you publish a daily post just for the sake of it, some may not qualify as outstanding or even adequate quality. Some days just don’t have as much traffic as others.

Sunday is one of those light web traffic days.  

Traditionally, and not too long ago, all businesses (even most restaurants) closed on Sunday. People treated it as a true day of rest – a respite from the week’s troubles. After sleeping in or attending worship services, families got together for relaxation, food, and fun.

Think about it now.

What if you skipped publishing content on Sundays?  What if you published every other day? Maybe you could spend more time writing your articles, editing and polishing them – ending up with a high quality article for your readers. By simply removing the pressure to post for a single day, you might end up with more time to share your work on the social web. You could see better results after a few weeks in the form of increased site traffic.

I found this out accidentally.

I started out posting daily when I first launched my blog in August 2011. Of course it got harder to maintain my daily posting commitment as the months went by: still working full time, maintaining other fancy retail websites, and dealing with nasty tech issues. Oh yes, they do happen, on occasion.

In the midst of these other pressures, I went a few days without posting anything.  Lo and behold, the traffic level did not decrease. It actually went UP on the second day.

You can enjoy this surprising phenomenon too.

Yes, it’s true and I was amazed. But don’t just take my word. I also watched a video of Ms. Ileane and she has found the same thing too. She is one smart lady. Use your sabbatical from posting to study the page visit numbers and note the days with higher visits and those with fewer visits.

A pattern will emerge. You’ll begin to learn what works best for your specific niche. The visit patterns kept by your regular readers will become visible too. When you see comments and engagement drop and visits drop, you better have a new post ready and hit that publish button!

Some websites, like Mashable, post several times per day. Don’t forget they employ a paid team that gathers the latest tech and social news on the web. Then their contributors write about it. It’s expected that they post several times a day to cover breaking news in their niche.

Do you have a large staff? Not to worry.  Simply post as frequently as your stat patterns show is necessary.

Remember, quality over quantity.

You don’t want visitors coming and never returning due to poor quality, right?  If you get in a jam, wait for the quality. The Google Penquin just loves quality content.  And you want to feed that penguin correctly now, right?

Share your sparkle: How often to do you post? Would you like to post more, or less? Why do you post the way you do?


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About Lisa Buben

Lisa Buben began working in the newspaper business at the tender age of 14, starting as a graphic artist and finally a salesperson. She holds a degree in fine arts and is currently taking classes in web design.
Lisa has worked as webmaster and blogger since 2010 for an online business and learns something new every day about the online business world and ways to generate web traffic (or not). She first learned to generate site traffic through blogging. Eventually, she started getting phone calls and emails from friends and acquaintances asking her to help them with their websites. Read more of her work and learn more about Lisa at her blog, Inspire to Thrive.


  1. Great post!

    When I started blogging in 2008, I was advised to post every day or at least three times per day. I no longer do this. I now post once or twice per month. According to the folks at Copyblogger and other popular sites like it, it’s better to post quality content once or twice per month (maybe even three times) versus posting mediocre content every day.

    Some ‘experts’ even suggest writing longer posts (more than 700 words) because readers seem to trust longer posts — they have more substance. I’m not sure about this because I know there are blogs that receive a ton of traffic and the blog posts are around 500 words.

    Test what works for you and your readers. Trial and error is a great teacher. :)

    • That’s lengthy over 700. But it depends on the subject matter really I think. I’ve gone from 300-900. Long as it’s good quality. Yes I believe trial and error because every niche or business is different :)
      Lisa recently posted..Let’s Make Your Computer Last Longer!My Profile

      • I’ve been going over 700 words and have had increases in my tweets and stumbles. StumbleUpon really surprised me. It’s one of my favorite social media sites. :)

        • Hi Amandah,

          I’m also a huge StumbleUpon fan. I haven’t had much time to actually “work” it in the past 3 or so weeks, but the reason is because I’ve been blessed with several great new projects. So, I suppose that makes it o.k. to some extent. :-( Lisa’s post resonates with so many of us who become laser-focused on one tiny aspect (like the notion that frequent – daily – posts will drive massive traffic) of building rank and authority of our sites.

          I used to post every day on Medtopicwriter, but had to back off when my business reached a new level of normal in terms of work load. Instead, I invite people to submit guest contributions to provide content. There are negatives to that as well, though — most of the submissions do not meet the standards I’ve outlined in my guest post guidelines. Ugh! But I do get enough good ones to publish content there about 3 times a week.

          Lisa, post gave me permission to step back and exhale about things like this.

  2. Sundays are my lowest days, with Saturday and Friday close behind. For awhile I posted every day, but it just exhausted me. And I find each blog post has a life of its own that usually lasts several days, in terms of people tweeting it and re-tweeting it. If I post every day, I don’t allow each post its natural life cycle. Thanks for a post that made me think about my own posting schedule.
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..The Writing ContractMy Profile

  3. I find Sundays the lowest too but Saturday can surprise you. I think some people have more time on Saturdays to read more blogs, myself included :) I agree on the natural life cycle of a post too. It needs some share time.
    Lisa recently posted..Let’s Make Your Computer Last Longer!My Profile

  4. I agree with you quality over quantity. It was something that I learned when I started up my blog when you did. I’m still trying to figure out the sweet spot to be totally honest about how much, how often, what to post, etc. With the network being designed for all women, I want to make sure that there is something of interest for everyone. I’ve actually noticed very steady traffic daily. The only times that I have noticed a decline in traffic are holidays, weekends (depending on the weekend).

    As far as content, I think having quality over quantity is absolutely key! That is something that many people have said that has gotten better in time with the network. Having variety and well written pieces have really brought value to the members and readers.

    What do you find to be the slowest times of the year in general?
    Her Social Network recently posted..1. Marriage Is More Than Just a Piece of PaperMy Profile

  5. Yes I have found Sundays to be slow but Saturdays not if I post something new. Every niche has a different slow time, it really depends on the niche.Also weather can have an impact too, especially if many lose power. Then you have people who can access via Smart-phones and that increases more views.
    Lisa recently posted..Is Twitter Becoming More Like Google?My Profile

  6. Thanks Lisa for sharing your prodigious talents & expertise with us here at FWD. Once again, you’ve shed much-needed light on standard social web practices–thanks for giving us all permission to breathe between posts. Your stories always make me stop, drop, and roll…like a fire drill!
    Amy Shoultz, PhD recently posted..Essential Ingredients for a Freelance Writing ResumeMy Profile

  7. You are welcome Amy, always have to be prepared and ready :) And why stress when we really don’t have to?
    Lisa recently posted..Are You Part of Alltop’s Headlines and Traffic?My Profile

  8. I’ve never once considering posting daily but as a food blogger, all of my posts do require that I cook something and photograph it before writing the post so I would soon lose my real business I’m sure if I tried!

    Still, when I started I tried to do it three times a week and even that was too much. I’ve settled into a food post on Monday and a cocktail on Friday and that seems to suit me and my readers best.

    Truthfully; the few people who do post 5+ times a week? I usually stop getting their rss. I don’t want to hear from anyone THAT much! :)
    Barbara | Creative Culinary recently posted..Blueberry Nutmeg Cake and a ‘Ripe’ Cookbook #GiveawayMy Profile

    • LOL! I agree Barbara about those that post 5 times per week. There are precious few folks (although they do exist) that I want to hear from 5 x per week!

      I will definitely check out your culinary site. My hubs is the main (inventive) cook in the family, but I do my thing 2 or 3 times a week as well.

      Thanks for stopping by. Lisa is one of those from whom I’d like to hear from 3 x every day if she could crank out that much info. Alas, she has other things to do that don’t include entertaining and schooling me. ;-)

  9. Barbara, that is an interesting point you make about unsubscribing from someone that posts so often you are tired of seeing their emails or feeds. I’ll have to research that one if it is a common trend. I know it is on Facebook – #1 reason for someone to unlike you or a brand page. Thanks for the tidbit on it!
    LOL Samantha, you would get sick of me for sure :)
    Lisa recently posted..Tweets That Make You SmileMy Profile

  10. Thanks Lisa, that’s really a good point you have mentioned in this post. The more the quality of the content the more the visitors will be attracted. It’s not the quantity that the visitors want.
    I think that posting on equal intervals will also help get more traffic.
    Godson recently posted..If You Are On Facebook Follow These 8 TipsMy Profile

  11. Godson, thanks for coming by here to read and comment. Quality usually rules over quantity. (Unless you are during piece work) Yes if you wait too long in between to post traffic may drop. You do have to show up regularly just not daily.
    Lisa recently posted..Are We More Distracted by Technology Today Than Ever Before?My Profile

  12. Hello Lisa! This is another great tip from you! A certified webmaster I’d say… you know, when I wrote how-to-tips on writing fast, my main goal is to produce contents everyday! Of course, am not forsaking quality… BUT, I have some second thought when finally I read this post.

    Should I post everyday? The truth is, am trying to make a post everyday, but I have a hectic schedule right now, so it’s hard really – but the thought of posting in daily basis made me abandon my old blogging friends before – and finally I noticed it was wrong, I should have kept them intact.

    Now, thank you! I guess am not going to pressure myself anymore, twice or 3 times a week is good enough, because I have another good plan, making friend with you – whom I am sure can help me to improve my blogging ability in some ways.

    See you Lisa :)
    Prime Aque recently posted..Quality, Professionalism and Marketing Lead to a Successful BloggingMy Profile

  13. Hi Prime Aque, thank you. No need to post everyday. I found traffic did NOT drop off if I skipped days but if you skip 3 days or more it may. Yes, those days not posting is a great way to spend a little time making comments and sharing via social sites.
    Lisa recently posted..Lessons to Learn from the Google Penguin UpdateMy Profile

  14. This is a great post, Lisa, although challenging for me.

    I’ve been writing daily for about 2 years on my blog – A Daily Dose of Success. Every day except Sundays. And most recently, I’ve traded Saturdays for Sundays. The numbers have fluctuated a little, but it is all for one reason, and thus my point.

    The audience tells me what they consider great, and adequate articles. The ones I though were “iffy” seem to resonate with someone. The great ones resonate with more. The numbers bear that out.

    But that’s no match for the promotion of the articles. Good, bad or indifferent articles, doesn’t matter. It all seems to come down to how much I promote them.

    Since my blog is about daily inspiration, and there is always someone who wants it, I keep writing.
    Gibson Goff recently posted..Everything Does Not Necessarily Affect Your SuccessMy Profile

  15. Lisa, you nailed it! (Again)
    Seriously, when I started blogging I felt a strong urge to post once a day. And like you I could not keep that up, because of a regular job and yes! Having an actual life!
    Anyways, I slowed down posting frequency and also noticed the same effect you mentioned. I tried posting around 2 times a week and that worked for me. It depends on what kind of ‘audience’ you want to reach on what days…
    Even the time you hit the ‘Publish’ button is important. In the US there’s not really much going on around 4:00 AM.
    Jan Bierens recently posted..Comment Ethics That WorkMy Profile

    • Thanks Jan! I’m usually up then Jan :) But you can always but them on timer, right? I know on Blogger you can, I bet you can on WordPress. Something else for me to check out. Appreciate your comment here Jan.

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