February 12, 2016

5 Moms Who Inspire and Spread Hope

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing 5 moms in the digital world who continually inspire me with their messages of truth and hope. Every mother I know, both in the real world and on the Web, inspires me in some way each time we connect. But it’s these 5 mothers that have dedicated their digital authority to mindfully encourage hope in mothers, so they can pass that along to their husbands, children, and other women.

Darlene Schacht – Time Warp Wife

Time Warp Wife Darlene SchachtDarlene writes about marriage, parenting, home keeping, time management, and more on the Time Warp Wife. She’s a New York Times best selling author, wife to Michael, and mother to four children and two precious pugs. I encourage you to check out her website and explore the inspiring wisdom from this amazing woman. I have her book, The Good Wife, and it has been an invaluable resource for me — one that I consult often as I go about my balancing act in life.

Lisa Jacobson – Club 31 Women

Lisa Jacobson Club 31 WomenMom to 8 children who encourages women to embrace the gift of family and home. Her site name is based on Proverbs 31, a chapter in the Bible that details the ideal wife.

Her grace-inspired posts make me laugh, cry, and pray, but most of all they motivate me to continue in my journey to serve God and my husband and children with grace.

Ruth Schwenk – The Better Mom

Ruth Schwenk The Better MomAs a homeschooling mom myself, Ruth inspires me with her incredible outlook and grace. You’ll find her musings thought provoking and incredibly helpful. Don’t miss the wisdom she so generously shares. Visit Ruth at The Better Mom website. Married to a pastor, she is a blessed homeschooling mother to her four beautiful children. She contributes monthly to Mom Heart and is senior co-editor of Roo Mag by Candace Cameron Bure.

Terri Camp – Terri Camp Ta-Dah! 

Terri CampSingle mom to 8 children, speaker, author, and real estate agent.

I’ve only recently discovered Terri, but already she has taken up residence in my heart. A fellow Texan, Terri lost her husband to cancer. Visit her site and read her beautiful, inspiring posts that will make you laugh and cry and fill your heart with love.

Penelope Trunk – Penelope Trunk Blog

Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk is a crazy-intelligent, driven, career expert who is homeschooling her two boys where she lives with her husband, “The Farmer”, on a farm in Wisconsin.

Penelope founded 3 startups, including the Brazen Careerist, which catapulted her into the national spotlight. She endures brutal criticism from those who disagree with her choice to run her career from home, so she can raise her boys rather than passing them off to a nanny while she pursues personal fulfillment.

She and Farmer moved from the fast-paced life in NYC out to Wisconsin to find family fulfillment — such a difficult change for a woman who’s made millions with her startups. So much pressure to stay and sacrifice motherhood on the altar of power and more money. She chose truth and joy for her children. Penelope is straight forward and blunt, but she speaks the truth so many don’t want to hear. That is why I love her. Another reason she is so adorable…she is Jewish (and her kids are being raised in the faith), but married to a farmer who raises…wait for it…pigs! Sorry, I just find that incredibly ironic and funny.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

I dedicate this post to my own mother, Polly Blackwell. Happy Mother’s Day! Mom, without you and your incredible sacrifices on behalf of my four siblings, I would never have the wisdom to seek Truth and Grace — only those things can impart the blessed life I enjoy. You are the very best and I love you with all my heart.

Am I Insane? Probably.

Many of you know that I homeschooled my boys for four years before sending them off to Catholic school. This year, I’ll begin homeschooling my daughter — likely all the way through high school. It’s exciting and terrifying at once. I run a rapidly growing business from my home office, something I didn’t do when homeschooling the boys. That’s certainly going to bring some new challenges. But because of these women, and my own dear mother’s wisdom when she had me under her wing, I think I’m up to the challenge.

Share the moms you know who inspire your daily life with us below!

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  1. How did I miss this? Wonderful post who can motivate any woman out there. I am tweeting it now!

  2. How did I miss this? Wonderful post which can motivate any woman out there. I am tweeting it now!

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